The Owen T. Hall Company was founded in 1920 by Owen Thatcher (O.T.) Hall (inset left). The company was originally run from Owen's home at 118 East Center Street in Baltimore, MD. In 1929, O.T. became the local representative for IDEAL Commutator Dresser Co. of Sycamore, IL. This partnership would serve to become the basis of O.T. Hall & Son as it stands today - focusing on long term relationships with all our Manufacturers including the original partnership with IDEAL that is now in its 82nd year. In 1937 O.T.'s son, Owen Atkinson (inset right) joined the company and the company was renamed O.T. Hall & Son. Working side by side, Owen A. and O.T. continued to grow the business and acquire additional Manufacturer Representation agreements. In 1944, O.T. passed away, leaving the company to his son Owen A. It was around this time that Owen A. moved the business to his home on Overbrook Road in Catonsville, MD. The business was run out of the Overbrook Road home for numerous years until Owen A. decided that it was time to move to a more formal address. In the 1950s O.T. Hall & Son moved into 2301 North Charles Street in Baltimore, MD. The business resided here for many years. The business grew considerably in the 1960s and early 1970s with three major additions to the salesforce. Dale Hall, the first of Owen A.'s three sons, joined his father in the family business in 1960. Glen Hall, another of Owen A.'s sons, joined O.T. Hall & Son in 1966. Gary Hall, the third, and final, son of Owen A.'s took a job at O.T. Hall & Son in 1972. In the early 1970s, O.T. Hall & Son moved into a new office space at 225 Rt. 3 North in Millersville, MD. It was shortly after moving into this location that O.T. Hall & Son was incorporated in 1973. In 1983, Dale, Glen, and Gary assumed ownership of the company from Owen A.. This transition represented the third generation of family ownership of O.T. Hall & Son, Inc. The three brothers were all equal owners of the company. In 1986, the Hall Professional Building was built on a plot of land at 8370 Veterans Highway in Millersville, MD. The building was funded by the three Principals - Dale, Glen, and Gary. Owen A. was present at the Ground Breaking Ceremony and took great pride in taking the ceremonial first dig (inset left). To this day, O.T. Hall & Son, Inc. still resides at this location. Over the years, O.T. Hall & Son has expanded both its Inside and Outside Salesforce considerably. At this time, O.T. Hall maintains an Outside Salesforce of 10 salespeople and an Inside Sales Team of 7. We pride ourselves in hiring the best people in the industry and having them with us for many years. The average number of years with O.T. Hall & Son for our Outside Salesforce is nearly 13 years. Our inside salesforce is equally as experienced, with the average tenure at O.T. being approximately 12 years. To this day, O.T. Hall & Son is still run on the original principles of O.T. Hall and continues to strive for high achievement. It is the long standing tradition of O.T. Hall & Son, Inc. that has made it possible for the company to maintain excellent relationships with all of our manufacturers. O. T. Hall & Son has represented Ideal Industries for over 90 years and Hoffman Enclosures for over 58 years. Continuing in the family tradition, two of Glen Hall's sons have also joined the business. Eric Hall has been with O.T. Hall & Son for 29 years and Ryan Hall been with O.T. Hall & Son for 18 years. Eric and Ryan represent the fourth generation of Halls in the Manufacturers Representative business. Three years ago, Eric’s daugher, Erin Brown, joined O.T. Hall & Son - she represents the fifth generation of Hall’s in the business. Eric, Ryan and Erin, and the Succession Plan currently in place, ensure the company's long-term stability and future growth. In 2003, O.T. Hall & Son, Inc. expanded its footprint - taking on several lines in the Southern Virginia territory. This territory encompasses most of Virginia and will provide substantial growth opportunities for O.T. Hall & Son in the future. Tom Henderson and Chris White head up O.T. Hall & Son's Southern Virginia office with inside sales support provided from our main office. We currently represent roughly 2/3 of our manufacturers in Southern Virginia as well with plans to continue expanding in the coming years.
O.T. Hall & Son was founded in 1920 and has been representing Electrical and Networking manufacturers ever since. Celebrating our 102nd year in business with the 3rd, 4th and 5th generations keeping the tradition alive.
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Proud to be celebrating our 102nd year in business - Representing Electrical, Mechanical and Networking Manufacturers since 1920.
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