10-YEAR SEALED BATTERY SMOKES & COMBO UNITS - Kidde has launched a complete line of 10-year sealed battery smoke detectors to meet the new requirements for the State of Maryland (per SB 969-2013) and other jurisdictions.  They offer five models to choose from including a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  Enjoy the reliance of Kidde’s products with the convenience of never having to replace a battery during the life of the unit. 
KIDDE WIRELESS SMOKE DETECTORS - The Kidde Wireless System features the first UL-listed Wireless Smoke Alarms. Installs quickly and easily. Interconnected alarms provide early warning against fire by adding additional coverage throughout your home, dramatically increasing your ability to hear an alarm anywhere, regardless of where the fire starts. When one alarm sounds they all do! Newer homes are required by code to have interconnected alarms. Wireless technology enables ANY home to have an interconnected system.  
KIDDE TALKING COMBO SMOKE & CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM - The Kidde Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm pairs 2 life safety devices in a single unit.  This alarms alert to both Carbon Monoxide or Smoke.  Alarm includes a voice warning system that verbally announces “FIRE,” “CARBON MONOXIDE,” or “LOW BATTERY” depending on what it senses.  120V AC Direct Wire with 9V battery back-up.
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