HOT & COLD AISLE CONTAINMENT Schroff offers a unique modular aisle containment system that is highly customizable.  With containment doors, aisle top covers, cladding elements and halogen-free gaskets, Schroff/Hoffman server and networking cabinets can be combined into a system matched to your specific requirements.  Short delivery time of 10 working days and short setup times.  Enjoy 30% or more in energy savings.
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Fiber Connections
TEST-TONE-TRACE-KIT IDEAL offers one kit that allows you to Test cables, Tone cables, and Trace cables.  Voice/Data/Video LCD based wire mapper verifies cable continuity, Identifies errors by pin: shorts, opens, miswires, reversals, and split pairs, Amplifier probe included.  Kit is designed for Cat 3/5/5e/6/6a cables; RG59/6/ 6 Quad and RJ-45; RJ-11/12; and Female F port interfaces.
Ideal Industries
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GATORLINK - MEDIA CONVERSION & PoE EXTENSION SOLUTION                                                                                                Fiber Connections offering includes PoE media converters to power supplies to patch panels and hybrid fiber/copper cables,  GatorLink is a configurable, multi-port device that brings fiber, power and media conversion to your remote locations. Whether you need PoE out to security cameras, workstation LANs, wireless access points, VoIP phones or any other peripherals, GatorLink is a compact and easy to install solution.  You are no longer limited to a 100 meter distance for PoE or PoE+ – we can support you out to 5,000 meters (PoE) with just the right hardware and hybrid fiber and copper assemblies.
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