XL-Trace Self-Regulating Cable - Raychem’s XL-Trace Heat Trace System provides pipe freeze protection for metal and plastic pipes as well as temperature maintenance of grease disposal and fuel lines. The heating element of Raychem’s heat trace product consists of of a continuous core of conductive polymer extruded between two copper bus wires. The XL-Trace heating cable regulates its power output in response to pipe temperature changes. The self-regulating technology allows the XL-Trace heating cable to be overlapped or installed on plastic pipes without overheating. The XL-Trace systems carries a full 10-year warranty.
DIGITRACE ADVANCED ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM - Raychem’s DigiTrace C910-485 is a compact, full-featured microprocessor-based, single- point commercial heating cable control system. The C910 can be set to control, monitor and alarm for high/low temperature, low current, and ground-fault level. Comes with an RS-485 communication module to remotely configure, control and monitor the heating cable circuits through a Building Management System. The C910 incorporates the NEC code required Ground-Fault equipment protection all circuits.
nVent - Raychem
NUHEAT is now part of Pentair / Raychem - Raychem is pleased to announce the acquisition and merging of NuHeat into the Raychem offering of electric heating cables. NuHeat has been the leader in underfloorheating for years, and is a welcome addition to the existing Raychem underfloorheating offering. You now have one source for loose cable, peel and stick mats, and custom mats all through Raychem. Call O.T. Hall & Son today for a quote. Included in the offering are NuHeat/Raychem’s newest high-tech thermostats including Signature - which is controllable via wifi apps from your smartphone and communicates with NEST.
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