UNIVERSAL PEDESTAL CLAMP - Allows for fast,and economical field construction of mesh bonding network (MBN), such as supplementary bonding grids, and cable management systems in data centers and computer rooms. In addition to multiple cross-wire bonding connections, each connector will also accommodate pigtails that can be used to connect to building steel and equipment. Works with any 7/8” to 2” round or square pedestal. Only one attachment required for both mesh bonding and cable management. rovides attachment points for CADDY® CAT LINKS J-Hooks. Full Code compliance (NEC® Article 250 and NEC Article 300).
LIGHTNING PROTECTION & SURGE PROTECTION DEVICES - ERICO is your one stop for all your Grounding, Bonding, Surge Protection, and Lightning Protection needs. ERICO offers UL 1449 Ed 3 approved Surge Protective Devices including Service Entrance protection down to Din Rail mounted UTBs and Surge Diverter. ERICO’s Lightning Protection products include our System 2000 Conventional Lighting Protection System and our System 3000 Active Lightning Protection System.
nVent - ERICO
SOLAR BONDING LUGS - The ERITECH® solar bonding lugs from ERICO are designed to bond the frames and mounting structures of solar photovoltaic systems in accordance with NEC® requirements. These lugs are corrosion resistant and galvanically compatible with copper grounding conductors and aluminum photovoltaic module frames. The stamped lug has a lay-in feature that allows the positioning of the grounding conductor along multiple frames prior to securing the wire. Accomodates #14 Solid to #6 Stranded AWG copper grounding conductors. UL 467 Listed.
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